Install or update the Taskbone Obsidian plugin

The Taskbone plugin is not in the official Obsidian plugin list. It needs to be installed and updated manually.


  • You have Obsidian installed
  • You have a Taskbone API key →
    Get an API key


After you're done, your directory structure should look like this:

└── myVaultDirectory
    └── .obsidian
        └── plugins
            └── taskbone

If you already had a previous version of the plugin installed, there should also be a data.json file in the taskbone directory. This is where your settings are stored. Do not delete this file.

  • The next time you re-start Obsidian the new plugin version will be active.

These steps are only neccessary, if this is a new installation:

  • Open the settings dialogue and the "Community plugins" settings. Enable the Taskbone plugin.
  • image

    A Taskbone entry will now show up in the PLUGIN OPTIONS section.

  • Open the Taskbone settings and enter the API key you received in your welcome email.
  • Close the settings dialogue and you're done.